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Friday, April 27, 2018

Dane Rousay - DIVIDE

Dane Rousay has stepped outside of the normal means of delivering creativity through sound. If an artists could use telepathy as a medium to convey creations, then DIVIDE would be in the vanguard of how sounds might be. With the removal of materialistic constraints, an infinite world of possibilities are easily manifested. The astounding aspect of what Dane is creating, is it's physical quality. Some how breaching into the limitless void, rhythms and anti rhythms tangled like glowing monofilament fishing line. The strength intensified by an asymmetrical web of sonic fluctuations.

So, in order to appreciate DIVIDE, turn the volume up.... This composition plays crystal clear. Dane's sustained patterns allow listeners to feel how human these tracks are. "Virulence", and eight minute track and the longest is the best example of this. A controlled fast pace cruise, like driving a hundred and ten miles an hour on a concrete highway. The seams in the road creating a pattern in rhythmic flow, but all is not perfect. Each strike of the drum has slightly different tonal qualities. Almost as if we are listing in slow motion and can hear the surface contort. Other tracks like "Birth" take completely different paths. A drum kit waking from a drone, called to a tribal dance in a distant time. The last track "Obsolete" crosses the spectrum, giving reason for the title DIVIDE. Mysterious sounds housed in percussive epileptic seizures, the cycle repeats causing thought patterns to short circuit. Six tracks total, all filled with skill and style, gaining wisdom with every beat.

Already Dead Tapes and Records decided on sixty for this edition. Dane Rousay's first cassette Blip, described here, sold out of both first and second editions. Most likely the Already Dead release will have a short life on the shelf as well. DIVIDE could be Dane's most accessible release so far. The composition choice and superb recording quality are definitely a big factor.

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