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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Final Cop - Broken Windows

Connecting into the sound continuum is something Peter Kris does extremely well. With so many sounds being recorded, a map would really be needed to follow these paths across continents and the people within. For the project Final Cop, Vern Ore pairs with Peter, together tapping into the sonic stream and delivering Broken Windows.

Samples from mysterious sources, beats and rhythms dredged from industrial sludge. Eight tracks transmitting from the global underground radio network of the past, present and future. The messages are not clear, sometimes whispers battling the electronic imperfections. "Tahhahwah Comanche" is the second track and the longest. The spirit of Christina finding conduit to sing her native songs once again. Broken Windows... now the title makes more sense. "Locke Lakota", a tribal hoop dance song keeping pace with the fluidity of generations. Each track holding secrets, a heavy presence of melodies, but their origins obscured by temporal distances. The spoken words throughout help tether the creeping onslaught of mechanical rhythms, but these elements are perfectly mixed. Tracks pulling listeners into a world made by consciousnesses vibrating in cadence with unknown systems.

The label Skrot Up has just one cassette left for Final Cop's Broken Windows release. Wanted to put that quantity check out there, because "there is only one". Forty nine copies of Broken Windows have moved out into the world. Skrot Up from Bermuda is happy, Final Cop is happy, Lost in a Sea of Sound is very happy, who will be next?

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