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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fuck Lungs - Honeysuckle

These sounds harbor hidden currents. Swirling motion heard from the surface, massive volumes of energy being pushed in the depths below. Joe Hess and Curt Oren are caught in this maelstrom. They feverishly drum and blow their way towards the edge of the vortex. After efforts are realized as fruitless, Fuck Lungs turns the bow and begins the decent. What was a brutal war against an insurmountable natural force, changes alliances. All fates are the same, the only difference is the length of time it takes to arrive. With this knowledge in application, Honeysuckle grows and blossoms with each listen.

Fuck Lungs takes a path in the sonic garden few will be able to follow. Like long thorns protruding at just the right length to pierce the skin, the sounds on this composition have the same ability. Listeners can not just run straight into Honeysuckle, even though it does sound inviting. Each track needs to be delicately handled, allowing the consciousness to follow. After the same path has been traveled with multiple listens in the wake, an unnoticed beauty grabs hold. Joe Hess has control of the roots, percussion like the wavering intensity of rain in the long saga of a passing hurricane. Curt Oren plays the sax, each breath manipulating the clouds to allow streams of sunlight to pass. With theses skills and the addition of climatic data storage, Honeysuckle is more special than most will ever know.

Just released in March on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. This is the second release for Fuck Lungs on Already Dead. The first near the end of 2016 is long sold out. The label is already digging in for 2018 with a wide array of diverse releases.

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