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Sunday, April 1, 2018

German Army - More Bitter Fruit

Recessed in the chasms of Earths surface, covered by geologic time, rests thriving civilizations motionless for centuries. On the current horizon, two figures seem to be digging tirelessly in the burning sun. Upon closer inspection, this archeological excavation is unlike common digs around the globe. Instead of buried artifacts, the search focuses on lost sounds. Each note, rhythm and beat carefully extracted to be reassembled in a less harsh environment. The physical decay of recovered aural manifests require German Army to carefully piece back these sounds. Electronic augmentations are incorporated to bridge any gaps, relying on their vast experience in this type of work.

More Bitter Fruit holds tight to the mysterious world German Army subsists in. This is a complex composition, traveling the spectrum of time. Ancient sounds blurred with possible future paths. Industrial electronics, powered by the grounds vibration from legions of souls making temporal contract. The pace is methodical and sustained. A pulse runs through More Bitter Fruit, sometimes hiding faintly in the shadows of German Army's ubiquitous sound arrays. When the percussive cadence takes the foreground, More Bitter Fruit seems to channel an Arabic quality. This can be heard clearly on the tracks  "Palace(s) - More Bitter Fruit - Sovereignity" and "Silencing the Past (u)". Adding to this observed quality is the second track "Cochinat (d)", sounding similar to an Islamic call to prayer. With seven tracks total, the signature German Army bubbling murkiness, makes difficult any connections to the world we try intently to fathom. Listeners are left to ponder the origins of More Bitter Fruit, questioning the connections of past and future. Swirling electronic drone encompassing sonic moirés. The wavelengths tighten to form abstruse melodies.

A German Army vinyl release on the UK label Discrepant. In an edition of three hundred copies and currently available from the label's site. The description from Discrepant says this was taken from the 1982 book Bitter Fruit. The story of the CIA operation to overthrow the democratically elected government of Guatemala in 1954. That would have been a tough one to connect in words :)

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