Günter Schlienz - Peace

Really wanted to get to this composition by Günter Schlienz before it sold out, but did not win the race. Did not even come close. Have listened to a good amount of music by Günter, and so many times have been emotionally called out. Like a locksmith for the consciousness, his melodies seem to unlatch the peacefulness often covered by responsibility. Is it possible to always be tasked and remain tranquil on the inside? There are individuals with this skill, but mellow on the outside and relaxed inside are two different things.

This compact disc titled Peace (maybe subconsciously started writing in this frame, but actually just noticed the connection in the title and the words). Either way, the end result is a much desired outcome. Eight tracks over the course of a tad shy of an hour. Electronic manipulations gathering energy from light. Peace takes the path just above the forest canopy. The beauty from this listening point encompasses both natural aspects of life on Earth and the vast expanse beyond. Tracks oscillate slightly to surprise with what is below, almost reaching field recordings, then gaining altitude, relinquishing the compacted effects of molecular pressure. Notes finding neuron pathways to change microscopic aspects in each of us. Sound's effects on sentient life is a very interesting topic, much more in depth than this description can focus on. Seems like Günter Schlienz has a good amount of research and development in this area already.

Peace was released by the Halifax, UK label Rural Colours. An edition of one hundred cdrs that found homes almost immediately. Both Tiny Mix Tapes and A Closer Listen had great words to say. Good chance this will be released in some other format at a future date. No inside information here, just intuition. There is one pricey copy on discogs, if you want the physical. The digital is available from the Rural Colours bandcamp page. This would also be a good opportunity to explore Rural Colours and keep the label on the radar. An excellent product from sound to physical form. Small runs, with most being sold out.

Günter Schlienz site - bandcamp
Rural Colours - bandcamp - facebook