Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mazut - Atlas

Late night beats and electronic manipulation from the musical rich city of Warsaw. Paweł Starzec and Michał Turowski together as MAZUT. A fast paced and driving composition. Acoustical emotions almost completely removed and replaced by the sounds of technology gaining velocity through the decades. Made for future robot cruises through underground tunnels and infinitely congested control hubs.

A mechanical grin, achieved long ago by the past technological singularity, harbors thoughts of incongruity in civilizations advances. Like the caveman and discovery of fire, world war I's battle in the air, and early twenty first century man wielding the power within any mobile device. This future intelligence thinks back on the humans who first heard Atlas. A programmed chuckle through synapse is emitted. Thoughts of ancient man in some contorted gyration trying to emulate the advanced rhythm structure. Then the shift to current problematic matters. We sent the MAZUT androids back through the temporal continuum to gather ancient bio-samples. They left a music chip case behind by mistake. Hopefully this will not cause problems for the current time period....

Atlas sold out it's first edition of two hundred. A second pressing is available from their bandcamp page. It is here now, no worries about a distant future.

Mazut - bandcamp - facebook