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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Proud Father - Creations for Electric Guitar

Early in the veiled morning, light still above the planets surface, energy swells with all living features of the land. In this droning dark space, a guitar string is struck, like a whippoorwill calling out from it's hidden place. As the suns radiation acts like a planetary switch, sounds from single strings fade way to rhythms and function. What was resting in an ambient haze, arises and takes complex form. Sleeping melodies slowly awakening to form the dense layers of Creations for Electric Guitar.

With around fifteen releases just on bandcamp, Proud Father has been making music for a long time. Compositions range from solo affairs, collaborations, splits and live recordings. Skilled in the art of making sounds in every form, Creations for Electric Guitar takes on two different personas. The first side consists of three tracks, gently building momentum from the dark center of the swirling singularity. The crescendo titled "Creation 2" sounds like a rock and roll angel playing ethereal electric guitar in some futuristic subway platform. The second side was recorded live at the Zeitgeist, New Orleans, a nebulous altered reality of the reverse flip. Pulling driving sonic energy across countless genres of music, over vast lengths of time. A symphony in every aspect, captured for future listeners to take in.

Proud Father is a new artist for Lost in a Sea of Sound as well as the label Creations for Electric Guitar is on. Reserve Matinee is a new label out of Chicago and has eight releases to date. Every release on cassette and a different artist for each . All are currently available, take a little time and check these tapes out. The Proud Father tape seems to have the most activity according to the bandcamp supported by squares.

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