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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rambutan - Swerve Through Time

It is good to have a new Rambutan cassette in the deck. Has been a while since my consciousness was sanded down and smoothed over. A new tape titled Swerve Through Time, is filled with imagination and delivered by experience. This is a physic manipulator, simmering test patterns forcing the brain's two hemispheres into a grab for control. Let go and do not think, these sounds are randomly dispersed, no pattern, only tonal congruity. Turn the volume up and hear the minute details, hum, static, a chord struck, shrouded melodies, and impending drone. Clear and precise, Rambutan has been lifting weights again.

Swerve Through Time seems to build momentum throughout the composition. By the last two tracks, the arsenal of bent strings and sounds from other worlds relinquishes. This aural mass has been set in motion, drifting is all that remains. A composition with all parts working together. Beginning and end housing a story of sound in the middle. The cacophony is perfect and shared in ideal amounts. Arriving at the second to last track titled "Graphite", initiates gorgeously slowed dense drone. Existing in solitary splendor because of all the work preceding it. The last track "Silver Refraction", is also the longest. This sound takes heed from the time before, the sonic structure simply a preface to where the construct is now. A very complex offering by Eric Hardiman, refreshing and extremely intriguing.

Released in February of this year in an edition of seventy five. The Rambutan cassette has excellent artwork, including a printed transparency made to stand out with the traditional card stock j-card.This label is new to Lost in a Sea of Sound. \\NULL|ZØNE// is out of Athens, Georgia. They have a very diverse catalog with some releases available and other sold out.

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