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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rose - Transference

Listening in the dark to dense compositions created with tidal like emotions. Transference is a vessel, packed with Osmium, ready to be absorbed by the the over taxed conscious. The additional stability offered by these sounds will help relieve the rigors of responsibility. Rose has mined the deep ambient sub surface, returning with a drone based heavy. Some where in this molecular load, beats and rhythms sift out in their own accord.

A beautiful energetic swell lasting just under a half hour. Six tracks, slowly cycling between sleep like breathing and early morning cognitive awakening. Transference has many layers, all pulling back with the permanence only patience can pry between. This sonic landscape is the eroded remnant of music initialized decades ago. Electronic beats and glitch pop worn down by a world with changing aural requirements. What is left in the wake is lost to most. Those who listen closely know the foundations have given way to a new beauty, impossible to create without sound tectonics. A building and dissolving cycle lasting lifetimes. Rose has given listeners a tonal glimpse.

Released just recently on Constellation Tatsu. Transference was one of four cassettes in the 2018 Winter Batch. The cassette and the batch are currently both available. Not sure how many tapes are in this edition, but many have sold from the number of squares on the bandcamp page. Rose has had two previous releases on Constellation Tatsu, Exile in 2016 and Deliverence in 2014. Beyond this Reuben Sawyer had Constricting Realities on the label in 2013 and one of the very first releases as Blood Bright Star in 2012. This is just on Constellation Tatsu and does not even dive into countless projects and releases on other labels.

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