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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Super Hi-Fi - Blue and White

Super Hi-Fi is the best band name i have heard in a long time. Could be anything, all music, all genres for all listeners. Searching Super Hi-Fi on google earth, the normal rotate and zoom in function hung up. Ended up with a triangle shape, a base from New York to Jamaica and two very long legs to Nigeria. Maybe this is the clue for the origin of sound on Blue and White.

Ezra Gale is the binding force behind Super Hi-Fi. Utilizing an immense experience from listening and playing music or in short "the love of music", Ezra has no boundaries. For this composition, the talent lined up, creating a massive group effort to nail down twelve tracks. Stemming from Ezra Gale's creative hand, this group of musicians followed focus and built a heavy weight in the multi genre spectrum. A few listens back, Blue and White evoked a comparison that was amusing. Remember the first Bad Brains album in 1982? This composition was on the vanguard of punk and reggae, combining in one slick offering. Imagine this thirty six year old release as a front and back cover of a book. With that in mind, Blue and White makes the vast amount of pages in between. You can hear the roots of punk, metal, ska and reggae. Take all this and follow the bandcamp page default starter titled "My Little Black Book", a track almost sounding like a throwback to Fela Anikulapo Kuti and David Byrne simultaneously. Super Hi-Fi also shows classic reggae album respect by dividing the sides from vocals to instrumental and dub. Blue and White is a release you will want to have on hand for the start of summer. A high volume energy blast for the heat soon to come.

Now for the multi-media cool factor. Blue and White is available on cassette (the version Lost in a Sea of Sound has) and hand screened, numbered, vinyl sweetness. Released on Very Special Recordings just a month ago, both versions are currently available. If you have been eyeing releases on VSR, this is the one to start with.

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