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Friday, May 18, 2018

Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water

The flow of civilization is built from the sediment of countless souls. Daily lives producing commotion, taking only brief moments of rest for prayer and tribute. A monastery, cathedral or the waving flames of ceremonial fires, all holding generational resonance for futures to encounter. Concrete Colored Paint is the droning vortex of life on Earth. Centuries of sound somehow condensed and compressed on to two small spinning reels of tape. When played, releasing mysteries to be followed by questions and a quest for understanding. Peter Kris is the sound collector behind Concrete Colored Paint. Memories of life, amassed as recorded moments, delivered in sweeping sonic motions. A collection of beautiful pageantry, tones reaching deep into times wonders. All just on one side of this split.....

Tap Water takes control for the cassette's flip. Ian Franklin & Mike Haley join consciousnesses, an astral projecting sling shot into obscured realities. Pummeling sonic debris resonating against the protective shell of droning focus. Tap Water keeps on path, reaching beyond tangible disturbances. Now minds are unfolded by higher vibrating entities, the process revealing an aura of infinitely extending light threads. With ears resting on the ambient substrate, this aural spectacle can be heard through each passing generation. A sonic foray greeting immutable wairua, molecular distances discarded with little relevance. A scattershot of flurrying melodies to be heard only at the correct times.

Released on the Minneapolis label Lighten Up Sounds. Forty Four hand numbered editions destined for a complete dispersing in the cassette continuum. Lighten Up Sounds is granite in the mountain for past and future sonic goodness.

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