Quickly Sold Out


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Germ Class - Bitter Values

German Army combining forces with Dunes producing Germ Class. This beautifully produced and packaged compact disc on Dub Ditch Picnic brings the sold out world of cassettes and compact disc back and more massive than before. Bitter Values combines two earlier works by Germ Class, the first on the Portugal label OTA. A limited run, at the end of last year, of fifty cassettes titled Dimensions of Value. These quickly sold out. The second portion of Bitter Values consist of a an earlier 2015 composition titled Eat Bitter. This was released on cassette by the label Night People and also on CDR by Subsist Records from Valencia, Spain.

Hard labor over lifetimes, engines churning, natural light kept out, particulates in the air kept in.... Blank faces performing monotonous duties until injury or age keeps them away. These are the motions of slow mechanized beats, electronic processes only natural in the contained environment they exist. This is one portion of the sounds making Germ Class. Eventually the structure deteriorates, beams of sunlight expose thick stale air. Eyes looking up, averting from decades of fixed focus. Voices are heard , human or ethereal, hard to discern as the machinery still trudges on. The cloud of unconsciousness thought begins to lift. Struggle results. Living in a world of daily toil and not knowing is worse than knowing there is beauty outside the confines. This is Bitter Values, a paradox in sonic form. Genres colliding in a massive impact. The expected outcome would be a tangled catastrophe, instead intriguing seductiveness in a lengthy outpouring.

This compact disc is released in an edition of three hundred by the long lived label Dub Ditch Picnic. Available from the label's bandcamp page. There is a lot of music there, so don't get lost.

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