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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Grant Evans - Vessel

The sounds of Sputnik 1 still travel in space. Overtime, met with alien responses, dialogues deciphered, originating location probed.  Like an emergency beacon gaining the ocean surface from a submarine in trouble, satellites float just outside the atmosphere sending locations to unknown space. The arrival of kind help or the curiously malevolent is a fate set in motion almost sixty one years ago with the first Russian launch. Now, with Grant Evans recordings of Vessel, there is proof uncharted life has recorded our existence.

A mechanical process in repetition over countless life years of travel. Warbled noises droning through, fluctuating radiation levels augmenting activity. On this composition titled Vessel, foreign bleeps and signals tangle in an otherworldly symphony. The aural fields have been replanted by a strange settling force. Discerning the timbre of these sounds needs care and careful listening. A collection of harmonic fluidity balancing on the frail edge of comforting and disconcerting. A total of six tracks on a forty five minute cassette. A sublime blink in the vast musical outpouring of Grant Evans. Very nice to hear how so much experience has beautifully branched, like a twisting live oak.

Scheduled for release on May 18th, cassettes can be pre-ordered from the Athens, Georgia label \\NULL|ZØNE//. Painting with a very wide brush, \\NULL|ZØNE// has an extensive variety of sounds in their releases. A good place to explore and keep an ear on for the future. Nice to see Georgia alive and strong with higher consciousness. 

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