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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Jordan Anderson - Selected Acoustic Works

Waking slowly, the morning far from unfolding, responsibilities and concerns absent from thoughts. There is something beautiful about rising to an unplanned day, productiveness or complete relaxation are equal in possible paths to follow. Jordan Anderson's Selected Acoustic Works has qualities taking listeners in both of these directions. Tracks are rich with the emotion each new day can commune. Sounds awakening with the consciousness, now gliding together on air currents gaining energy from the climbing sun.

Not sure how near to absolute beauty guitar playing can get, but Jordan Anderson is really really close. A mesmerizing tonal quality from the acoustic guitar, delivering the most splendid melodies, fostered by a patience ripe with wisdom. Strings speaking their own language, timeless ancientness, developed in unfathomable lengths of the evolutionary process. These passages flip the synaptic tumblers, finding neuron pathways to the cortex. With the connection in full effect, the mind races back to moments void of worries and concern. Tranquility is felt in the time frame of this composition. Jordan also plays the piano and delivers a fragile heart through voice. Keys played in a vintage photograph album quality. Lyrics speaking lifetimes of emotion condensed in single black and white pictures. Gorgeousness in acoustic guitar again, the mind rests.

Released on cassette less than four weeks ago. Tapes housed in stylish cardboard boxes that open like drawers. Small story booklets are included with lyrics and natural photography. A product of Geology Records, a slow moving label like the progression of glaciers. That is good, the resulting output worth any span of time. Lost in a Sea of Sound has been racing though, trying to get these descriptive words complete before all the cassettes are gone. Just nosing over the line with only one cassette left from thirty. If you have read this and purchase the last physical copy, your welcome.

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