Quickly Sold Out

Friday, May 18, 2018

La Tredicesima Luna - Il sentiero degli Dei

Crystal clear water reflecting and transparent simultaneously. Resting not in a hidden place, only difficult to find. II sentiero degli Dei needs ample time to be really heard. The aural landscape robust with heavily woven tones. Find the path then travel with open consciousness. What seems dark is actually gorgeous depth. Listening quickly without patience reflects absorbing grey tones. Slow the pace, this half hour rapidly becomes too short. Molecular density perfectly described by sound. Fabric holding the landscape is uprooted, ground water seeps in filling the indentations. This asunder ground looks like devastation, but after closer scrutiny, life blossoms where trees once were. La Tredicesima Luna has the unique ability to make sounds so forlorn, and at the same time, wrap minds with a tranquil blanket of warmth.

Two side long pieces in an opaque delivery. Drone burning ancient glowing embers adding fortitude and flickering light to the emptiness beyond the shadows. Thoughts gather and flow into a sparse collective only a few reside. Ushered by a natural essence so elusive to describe. There is patience here, an aura of old souls, energy dancing on the fringes of measurable reaches. Do not overthink these sounds, they are the currents we all travel.

Released on Lighten Up Sounds in the fall of last year. Unsure of how many are in this edition, but this does not matter since the label has sold out their physical copies. Lighten Up Sounds from Minneapolis has a serious grip on the infinite sound spectrum. Selling out most everything, be sure to check their main site for physical copies if they are not available on bandcamp. There are a few tapes for sale on discogs as well.

Lighten Up Sounds site - bandcamp - facebook 
La Tredicesima Luna - bandcamp - facebook