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Monday, May 28, 2018

MANAS - Live At

MANAS is live on this recording from late last summer. Recorded at Fresh Produce records in Macon, Georgia. The label curator for \\NULL|ZØNE//, Michael Potter, is noted as the person capturing these sounds. This makes sense since the \\NULL|ZØNE// headquarters is just an hour and a half away in Athens, Georgia. MANAS is the combination of Tashi Dorji and Thom Nguyen. Both artist talented in creating sounds on the thresholds of what listeners understand. It is difficult to describe music on the fringe, and in this case, a live recording only heard on cassette. Especially one so intensely performed.

The best way to make a connection with these sounds is to keep a simple focus. Live At is a shattering performance utilizing percussion by Thom Nguyen and some form of strings by Tashi Dorji. Through the course of the thirty minutes recorded on this cassette, sounds take on all perspectives. From sustained heavy rhythms and crashing patterns of stringed riffs, to an inferno of cacophony. There are moments when the aural landscape quiets. Heard from somewhere in the distance an old bell ringing or some loose piece of metal colliding in a repetitive manner against a resonating source. Then listeners are transported to the cause, what was intriguing now becomes close to terrifying. So adjacent to the origins of creation, the sound wave fervor bestows effects causing paralysis. Like sonic predators, Tashi and Thom emit hypnotic pulses, causing thoughts to recoil and hide deeper within the consciousness. The process cycles and those with fortitude inch forward to a different enlightenment.

As noted before, cassettes are released on the Athens label \\NULL|ZØNE//. In an edition of one hundred, copies are still available from the label's bandcamp page. MANAS has vinyl out there on Feeding Tube Records and a few previous cassette releases. Tapes seem harder to come by.

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