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Thursday, May 31, 2018

naps / lung cycles

Find a moment and recharge the consciousness. Absorb the sound radiance, letting the mind rest from daily responsibilities. Simple and pure energy, diffused and saturating the world around us. Bright like the color of our star, Lily Tapes and Discs has provided sonic recuperation for all. A beautiful split cassette between Jason Calhoun as Naps and Ben Lovell veiled as Lung Cycles. The A and B sides perfectly balanced and fantastically rejuvenating. 

The sustained tones on the Naps side are rich with depth and emotion. There is nothing dark or looming, only a feeling of being focused in the center. Amazingly there are many adverse reactions to drone music. On brief samples, the sounds are the same, the journey does not go anywhere, and this composition is not music. All things said when this genre is being played. If only more people could understand, depart from thoughts and let these low cycle per second sound waves permeate their spirits. There is a softly fluctuating allure to Jason Calhoun's sound. Like the motion of celestial bodies, still when looking, but moving more than most can grasp. This is the connection that remains elusive. It is very gratifying to know these melodies are being created.

This is equally true for Ben Lovell and Lung Cycles. His approach is more grounded in the physical. Using an improvised pipe organ, his three tracks conjure images of the homage to spirituality. An instrument dating back over a thousand years, played with an evolutionary understanding. Like Naps, Lung Cycles uses melodic drone, bathing the consciousness in cathartic hertz. Small changes in frequency, creating an ancient story of so many living throughout our time. Ben's side is slightly more haunting, a touch more lonely. A delightful foray into the spiritual framework.

Released on Lily Tapes & Discs in a hand numbered edition of seventy five. Printed by Jeremy Ferris on Brad Paks from Stumptown Printers. Art work by Benjamin Torrey. The mastering was done by Lucas Knapp. As described, sounds by Jason Calhoun and Ben Lovell. A lot of work by talented people went into this release. The final product really exudes this.

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