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Saturday, May 26, 2018

S. Oliwa - Lost Memories

In the recesses of thinking minds, infinite amounts of signals are relayed. Either physically or in some psionic methods yet to be understood. The processes concern tranquil harmonies from wise old souls, memories of lifetimes of experience, decisions for the future and meditation in the present. The mind is the greatest machine still masking how it truly functions. S. Oliwa has connected sound to the intricate synapses of the consciousness. The subject in this case, a content being who strives for the path of higher vibration. The result, an exquisite soundtrack to a world each of us has and holds precious.

Lost Memories expands horizons over eight tracks in the course of a half hour. These sounds are the most inner workings of fabric holding each of us in place. Like a distant land never seen before yet so nostalgic when finally traveled. S. Oliwa has a special ability with channeling serene harmonies through the infinite inner space. Maybe some distant descendant of Kharon the ferryman, only bringing the forgotten world to us, a transposition from ancient mythology. Each track holds genres on subtle spindles, all patiently turning, casting only elegance in one aural direction. Together these sounds build from roots planted in the past, recognizable styles and influences forging through the temporal viscosity. A composition that will be difficult to remove from the cassette deck.

Released on Geology Records in April. This batch took a lot of effort to make. All handmade boxes with slide out access. Beautiful booklets with photos and notes. There are fifty in this edition for Lost Memories. There might be on batch left, but no worries if not, there are still individual copies of this S. Oliwa cassette available.

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