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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Scrateboard - Your Hand

The slow drip of a water droplet filled with primordial minerals. Descending with the force of gravity, a stalactite is slowly formed from the cave ceiling. Molecules depositing material on the cave floor produces a mirroring image called a stalagmite. Like an icicle rising from the ground, reaching to touch the point of origin of it's creation. Occasionally the special occurrence of the stalactites and stalagmites connect and column is formed. The entire grandiose natural wonder is sometimes referred to as a cathedral cavern or ceiling. How does this geologic formation connect with Scrateboard's cassette tilted Your Hand? Absolute patience is the foundation, inverted sounds reversed in time, only showing their notes when light is cast upon them. Your Hand develops using processes only measurable in geologic time. Massive amounts of energy compressed and held tightly. Sounds reaching molten temperatures, escaping with a warbled fever. Ancient notes regenerating in the continuing cycle the planet adheres to.

A total of six tracks running through about forty one minutes. As in the cavern's analogy, the melodies in this aural expanse are difficult to map. Sounds casting sonic shadows closely resembling their physical origin. Harmonies turning backwards, releasing listeners back to the place they started. This is an undisturbed composition, serenity resting for lengths of time that are still unknown.

Morgan Fox from California's capital city, is the creative force behind Scrateboard. Cassettes are available from the PECONIC Records from San Francisco. Your Hand was released in an edition of fifty. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page. PECONIC has some very great releases and is completely worth time to explore.


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