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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Somnoroase Păsărele - AUTO¹

AUTO¹ is a confluence. A myriad of experiences funneling through eight tracks. Listening back on previous Somnoroase Păsărele accomplishments, it is easy to tell we have not been here before. This aural landscape is dense with sound thickets. Somewhere behind this new flourishing growth is a substantial resonating source. Origins of rhythms and irregular beats need to be verified. Music scholars are amassing an exploratory party in hopes of further deciphering these foreign signals.

Each track in AUTO¹ is simply titled AUTO and then a number. Even though there are starts and stops and with a nomenclature of separation, AUTO¹ is not really a compilation of tracks. This release is one fluid source. As the body of work deepens, more tributaries of sound augment the flow. AUTO¹ holds feelings of intensity. The melodies are crystalline, every angle in sound can be heard in definition. Most of this revolves around Gili Mocanu's creativity and experience. Both the recording and production are also of a new high standard. Clearness and precision in sound is something noticed on other labels with releases this year, and AUTO¹ could be the best example to date. Miru Mercury works with Gili organizing the multitude of details for each new label release. Together they cross continents with deliveries on some of the best labels out there. For this newest body of work, the production should be noted as spectacular.

Somnoroase Păsărele uses sounds with an impressive clear understanding, like a dictionary is just casual reading. The rhythmic eddies spin with articulated velocity. Small sound currents emerging from the immense surge, gently colliding with rhythmic rotations already in existence. Gradual and almost undetectable, the melodies disperse, leaving space for the process to continue. AUTO¹ is an utterly mechanical other world, but from obvious distant origins, this is a natural system.

Almost ended this description without a word on how creative the artwork is on AUTO¹. Maybe this should have been at the beginning or included at each juncture, but will adhere to saving more goodness for last. Each of the fifty cassettes produced have individual covers. All of the cassettes together make a whole piece. A poster of the entire picture is included with each purchase. Every cassette owner will be able to see what portion of the picture they have on their tape cover. This vibrantly captivating drawing was created by Katri Virtalaakso. The artwork and music are tangled, elevating each other to become something greater. Starting off this description was the word confluence. This holds true as all of the individual sounds by Gili flow seamlessly together with the intricately diverse drawings by Katri.

Released on the impressively cool label OTA from Portugal. AUTO¹ was in a small batch run of fifty editions. Many of the OTA releases are in this quantity, but some with only thirty. The quality of artists is high and limited number of physical releases for each is low. Together, making a very good chance for the cassette you have had your radar on, to be gone before you know it. Most Somnoroase Păsărele releases sell out quickly, so do not wait on AUTO¹.

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