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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Last Ambient Hero - Cassini • Trappist​-​1

Deep into the far reaches of cosmic creation, The Last Ambien Hero maintains momentum. In motion long before and far after the existence of our human civilization, Traveling a pathway through the galactic center, light intensity is to immeasurable to record. Sound becomes the true medium to collect and process this physical realm, Now stored here on this extensive analog recording.

An hour and a half of deep intrigue divided by the flip of the cassette. Two side long pieces titled Cassini and Trappist -1. Both tracks in reference to man's discovery of the space beyond. Textures in sound smoothly carved in vibrant arcs light years long. Ending abruptly as singularities pull with increasing force. As the sound disappears, voids are filled with meandering waves, some crystalline and others beyond our knowledge. The process repeats as the listener reaches and passes through the galaxy's orbital axis. Traveling now in empty and lonely space. A quiet ensues, sounds are astronomically spread apart. The consciousness constantly absorbing ancient harmonies, an omnipresent otherworldy resonance that seems primordial and instinctive. This is the serene delight comprising the entire composition by The Last Ambient Hero. On approach to the end of sounds, the galactic fringe, is juxtaposed with the beginning. The start of life in it's expanding contours. True beauty in every minute detail spaced across time.

These are just words used to describe Cassini and Trappist -1. Thoughts like a small flashlight trying to illuminate a vast dark space. The words try just like the light, but understanding there is so much more beyond the outskirts, is what needs to be considered. This cassette was listened to many times and there is still a dearth in describing how encompassing The Last Ambient Hero truly is. Self released and made available at the beginning of May. Cassettes can be purchased from the artist at TheLastAmbientHero.com

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