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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Greening Lambourne - Thought LEADER & Thought PARTNER

The heat of the summer is lapping at the consciousness. A season for time off, family vacations, and unfettered relaxation. For many, the summer remains constant with responsibilities that will not go away. The temperature melts in, forcing forth memories of school breaks and grand plans. Cool it down, insert Greening Lambourne into the cassette player, these sonic vibrations will gain volume and pressurize the continual monotony aside. The most refreshing aspect, when you finish the first cool listen of Thought LEADER, your aural tumbler gets filled again with Thought PARTNER.

Music and time are interwoven. For centuries melodic sounds have been created. What is heard now is a slow evolution from forgotten times. Created sonic beauty is relevant to both the past and future but remains most poignant to the present. Greening Lambourne is hear with us, expressing absolute emotion, showing us allure in tones. A tangible relationship to what has been before and what will be. The charm of these two cassettes is how refreshing the energy is. Henry Miller said "Music is a beautiful opiate, if you don't take it too seriously". Greening Lambourne fits this thought perfectly.

Thought LEADER, taking genres and folding them so tightly the seams disappear. Some comparative thoughts drew near, then were quickly stranded as clefs drifted away. Grooves from distant transmitters changing in an instant to electronic delight popping in delicate fashion. Deeply consuming baselines backing a nighttime light show parade. There are moments of sonic reflection, crystallizing tones causing thoughts to meander in cadence with the physical world around us. And within this natural space, Greening Lambourne plays like soundtrack for creatures moving in rhythmic like fashion. Amusing dances to homo sapiens, life or death actions for insects and animals. Then a rocket launch fanfare, the aural fabric leaves the planet in some Flash Gordon-ish rock anthem, homage to color saturated comics and an undiscovered universe. Drifting on, the ambient melodies are sustained in the last three tracks. Taking listeners to the companion cassette Thought PARTNER.

The transcription of sound has become more subtle. Furrowed out beats and rhythms have mutated to an ambient showcase of prismatic arrays. Thought PARTNER takes off, soaring in the between altitudes. Surface and space equal distance, the gravity of harmonic heaviness pulling on the relaxed consciousness. The vast distances above remain as dreams for the future. The longest track on this cassette, "E Lower Wacker" is a very good example. Sounds sustained in non measurable mediums, time has lost any known value. Audio clarity in peak splendor then phasing to distorted spiritual haze. Each track on Thought PARTNER, a reflection of sentiment fueled by earthly certainties. Genres and styles seem distant, like memories from very early youth. The mind cherishes these meditative impressions, nostalgic comfort cooling down the current climates.

Released by Greening Lambourne from Oxford in the United Kingdom. A relationship to Bloxham Tapes from London is there, but details are still ambiguous. With this connection, there is certainty of the creative quality in both sound and the delivery medium. For Greening Lambourne, cassettes with vibrant artwork by Rebecca Pearson. These are extremely limited, twenty editions of each tape. As alluded to in the start, perfect melodies for the summer.

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