Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Saw tooth sound waves generated under fifty hertz, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI has found resilience in the molecular density. Working with heavy tones, like steel rails vibrating miles from the locomotive source, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI conducts each listeners passage. From ancient times, through and on to distant futures, this is the soundtrack always playing. An under current of surface life, vast tunnels stretching to where no living soul has gone. This is the journey we all have taken and will all take again. Darkness slowly pulsating, breathing on you shoulder, it is always there.

This compact disc is divided into two roughly twenty minute tracks. "LVCIFER'S FALL" is the first, a sonic sink into droning quicksand. There is struggle, a fight to stay one with breathable air. The harmonics keep pulling, until light and oxygen disappear. Heartbeats become louder and the mind rationalizes if this is real or a dream that can be escaped. Maybe these are hallucinations, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI has become the only constant and sole comfort. "REGENCY OF CHAOS" is beyond this realm. If the previous track was thought of as dark or embodied with some aspect of the other life, "REGENCY OF CHAOS" bellows more than truly comprehensible. There is no struggle anymore, only a massive molten flow, white hot rock moving in an unknown direction. These sounds are the heaviest drone, shallowly breathing as souls fall into the thickest current.

IMPERIVM LVCIFERI was released in an edition of fifty on Deivlforst Rec out of Germany. This compact disc came out almost a year ago and is sold out. Not usually in the habit of posted older releases, especially ones that are sold out, but this was sent to Lost in a Sea of Sound just recently. Started listening and really felt depth and emotion in these sounds. Followed the path back to the label and found many cool releases that are sold out or on the threshold of being unavailable. So the intention with this post is to share a very good heavy drone composition by IMPERIVM LVCIFERI and to direct any interested listeners to the Deivlforst Rec label. Worth the attention on both accounts. Hope you enjoy this one. 

Deivlforst Rec - facebook - bandcamp