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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Nagual - Florida

In a past journey, Nagual made their way through Florida. Like the thick humidity in every part of the state, their sounds saturate the entire listen spectrum. Two tracks on this compact disc, one recorded live in Miami the other live in Gainesville. These populated nodes becoming focal points for wildly glowing energy from ancient times.

For the selected piece from the Miami show, Nagual is pulling from the early Cenozoic period, channeling life from a dense Florida land mass. Murky heat waves of sound oscillate in a steady rhythmic cadence. Air buzzes with ancient vitality, creatures breathing in the tropical density. This is Florida before humans existed, vast amounts of time droning beneath the sun.

What was included on this compact disc for the Gainesville session stays in a similar realm, but has an entirely different tone and feel. Middle Jurassic period, the south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico begin to form. Florida has separated from Gondwana and the land mass begins partial development as a peninsula. Beginning it's two hundred million year continental drift. Nagual has compressed this energy into the Gainesville piece. Massive drone seeping out of oceanic riffs. The force behind Florida's current geological position.

Nagual's Florida compact disc was released on the Miami's HologramLabel. In an edition of one hundred, available from Nagual's bandcamp page or the HologramLabel bandcamp page. These are live recordings with some final processing to make them ready for release. Excellent sounds on both tracks and a great recording to get involved with both Nagual and the HologramLabel. Have been a fan of David Shapiro & Ian McColm for a long time and Florida is another example of why.

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