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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Alex Crispin - Open Submission

With so much diversity in sounds, many being extremely difficult to describe, the solace within the Constellation Tatsu Spring Batch is a needed retreat. For this quarter of the Spring Batch, Alex Crispin returns to Lost in a Sea of Sound, days before the completion of one Earth orbit around the sun. The first release was on the label Sounds Of The Dawn and was titled Idle Worship. Amazingly there are a few copies of this cassette still available. But a difficult choice indeed, the newest cassette titled Open Submission is another stunning ambient landscape.

Open Submission breathes out just after the sun slips beneath the horizon. Shades and shadows emerging from the dazzling Idle Worship composition. These tones reveal themselves like fireflies on a summer evening. A few notes held in patience, swelling to countless connections covering the forest floor. Brief moments that should be revered, since twilight activities dispense into both darkness and sleep. Open Submission is divided into six track just under half an hour. Alex fills this time with excellent diversity, but like Idle Worship, embodies the entire composition with a congruent sonic hue. Energy drained from the course of a day replaced by emanate liveliness of the dusk. Perched on the edge of dreams, sounds encouraging conscious cogitation and simultaneously tranquilizing the physical form. Shaded aural fields lasting a few twenty fourths of the day. Time needed to mitigate both lengthy days and nights. Open Submission is a delight and has many listens ready for future moments.

As noted from the start, this Alex Crispin composition is released on the Constellation Tatsu label as one fourth of the Spring Batch. Both single copies as well as the entire batch are still available from the label.

Had a note from the label the Summer Batch is getting close too.

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