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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Matthew As More - Apocalypse Never

Turn the radio dial and hear the static of straining waves trying to obtain clarity. Fuzzy sounds from unknown distances are the most interesting, but they wax and wane, capturing then fading away at peak moments. Matthew As More has worked through the mathematics and fabricated the mechanism to negate attenuation. These distant languished melodies now clear, a sagacious world of sound finding focus.

Apocalypse Never is another incredibly well done composition doing it's best to escape classification. Matthew As More manipulates time and genres, delivering a most subtle creation. Sixties rock and roll, modern pop, distorted funk transforming into deteriorating punk, Apocalypse Never is filled with a profusion of sounds. The longest track, "Matthew As Less", which kicks off the second side, is the most telling in respect to bringing distortion into substance. A radio dial being turned to eventual sonic delight. If the goal is trying to understand Matthew As More, this is an excellent eight minute sound shred that has it all. With twelve tracks making the bones of Apocalypse Never, the framework is incredibly solid. The number of catchy riffs and sticky vocals is more than can be processed on just one listen. Apocalypse Never is a tape for many repeated listens and this is a guaranteed fact by Lost in a Sea of Sound. If you just want to hear how talented Matthew As More is, based on a more traditional song structure, check out the track "Born To Coast". This track has cycled as a favorite in many listens. When opening the bandcamp page, the default track is "Dream Is", an understandable choice, but difficult to select. The ballad like "Science Fiction Double Feature", excellent, as well as the honed "Maya Ingenue", could easily be the go to tracks when opening the bandcamp page. A lot of great music on Apocalypse Never is the take away.

Released in March in an edition of fifty by the Iowa label Personal Archives. Not sure how many copies are left, but they are currently available. Personal Archives does have a good bundle deal going and this would be one to get for sure. Would have never guessed this would be one of the best cassettes of the year so far. And it is!

Personal Archives -  bandcamp
Matthew As More - bandcamp