Strange Mountain II - Rides Eternal

Rides Eternal breathes cosmic particles, transforming tiny scattered matter into majestic patterns. These sounds have a hallowed quality, a symphony created over long increments of time in cross galactic travel. Biological life in stasis, an A.I. brain working within the emptiness, using infinite calculations to compose beauty. This music rest just beyond human understanding. Lengthy fanfare for processions emanating from a galaxies core. A preface to our own primordial existence and an adieu to our eventual extinction.

Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee from Jakarta, Indonesia. A force in prismatic ambient sounds, and all music in general. This is the second release on Geology Records, the first titled Inhibitions made available back in 2014. Marcel Thee has music on many well respected labels as Strange Mountain and multiple projects with other artists. This cassette, Rides Eternal is a lengthy ten track composition. Completely filled with fuel for cognitive churning. A palate with swathes of sounds forming pathways for any thought. Calming qualities reside throughout making Rides Eternal a very fluid experience. Amazingly the atmosphere is in constant flux, like being witness to the infinite motions of planets passing past their suns or the pull of from event horizon gravitational boundaries. Tracks like "Respect Your Elders (Apocalypse Whatever)" cycle from futuristic rock opera to drifting solitude. The use of ancient analog organ sounds adds weight and stability, "Borrowed Rests, Afterwards" is a good example. The direction of these songs all move forward together, but the individual complexity within each track is like a sonic circuit board of sound. Giving a go at describing Strange Mountain II's Rides Eternal is a difficult task. This is always good.

Released on Geology Records in the 2018 Spring Batch. Fifty of cassettes to start, now down to four. Each release in this batch is superbly crafted, with slip case boxes and vivid booklets. The contents of the accompanying booklet includes liner notes by Taufiq Rahman from the Jakarta Post. Not sure why Strange Mountain added the II at the end. Possibly the second release on Geology or a change in music pathways.

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Strange Mountain - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

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