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Friday, August 3, 2018

Ashan - Far Drift Afield

A gentle cascade of sounds, tributaries to a sonic world that rest below the perceivable gradient. Patient tones meandering through ancient erosion, individualized purpose gathering the most subtle momentum with adjacent notes. A melody is formed by compacting sound waves, obstacles only strengthen the flow. The aural field opens up, allowing thought to take part in the peaceful pool. Here the notes elongate and begin to lift, their sheer forms gaining flight from mixing mediums. Consciousness has been given a great gift, a companion that only bestows beauty.

Far Drift Afield contains five harmonious tracks divided in over forty minutes of length. Each side of the cassette seems to achieve buoyancy then settle and rest. Ashan creates these musical flows in a form of Gaussian distribution, a bell curve pattern with the ends being the cyclic bridge between corporeal and spiritual. The last tracks on both sides, "Gladly Given and Long Along Sky", are more heavy weighted drone outpourings. A balance to the ethereal beginnings, the nights to sparkling sun drenched days. Stepping back a little and looking at Far Drift Afield as a composition not divided by the flip of a cassette, everything really builds to the last and longest track "Long Along Sky". An aural complement to understanding the vastness of both the spiritual and physical bisects. Be sure to give this an uninterrupted listen.

Far Drift Afield is the first composition for Ashan this year. With many previous releases on Inner Islands, this cassette is marks a return to the label from four years ago. Copies are available from the label's website. Check out the Ashan bandcamp page if you want to dive deeper into previous releases. This one was just released on the last day of July.

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