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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Bitter Fictions - Disagreements

A sonic time lapse of hectic streets redlining above maximum efficiency. Pavement beings to heat then boil, buckling beneath the cacophonous din. This urban world is swallowed leaving fractured pavement, open holes and an eeriness for the future explorers. Blades of weeds permeate withering asphalt and life begins again. The new gentleness arrives in angular notes, the majesty of before somehow causing an echoing reverberation in the lengths of broken avenues. Are there human beings left? Most likely not, just bones being kicked and rumbled by replacement life. Future unfamiliar, what will be is not currently understood. This is the sound of Disagreements, this is the beat yet to come.

Bitter Fictions is the project of Devin Friesen, prolific sound maker and label head for Shaking Box Music. On this newest cassette titled Disagreements, D.F. wavers between both industrial collapse and a quiet world ready to take its place. Seven tracks divided in just under forty minutes of length. Straight lines of pure sound so long and old, sweet melodies still striving to be heard as deterioration frays all surfaces. Bitter Fictions focuses on these crumbling edges. Like Hagi Yaki pottery from Japan, these tracks are finished with a beautiful glaze over pot marked surfaces. This sound crazing effect, either something sought after by D.F. or just has developed over long periods of time. Beauty in the balance of serenity and distortion. Difficult to achieve symmetry from both aural fields without obviously trying to hard. Bitter Fictions seems to have a natural perch on this craggy pinnacle.

As noted above, Disagreements is released a few weeks ago on the Shaking Box Music label from Calgary. In an edition of sixty five, copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page.

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