Evan Miller - Two Places

In the distance, sounds originate and travel across feet or sometimes miles. Clear and bright or muffled from integrity loss, all arriving at conscious focal points together. Without plans or reasons, the landscape combines everything, throwing together a symphony with each artist playing on their own accord. These combinations are unique and specific to the environment they commence from. Evan Miller has captured Two Places he holds with bright spirit. A droning hue of a world, an aural breath from surface commotion, nature and man's life together.

Two Places is two side long tracks, field recordings that wobble with surface velocity. Evan has perfected a duality in representing each venue. The nuances of recognizable sounds flicker with firefly frequency. Insects, storms and wind, ancient rhythms compared to the current clatter of human presence. Evan's creative energy molding and shaping what is natural, like moist clay being fired and a rich dark glaze being applied. What was once unrefined is now fashioned with a spiritual connection. An augmentation of nostalgia, but with feelings that are difficult to comprehend. This is simply called love and Evan Miller imparts these emotions on all who care to listen.

Released on the Personal Archives label in July of this year. These cassettes were done on clear shells, yellow leaders and some really nice hand woven paper. In an edition of forty. Copies are available from the Personal Archives bandcamp page. Evan Miller is a sonic heavy, thanks Personal Archives for getting this on cassette and for all to experience!

Personal Archives -  bandcamp
Evan Miller site

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