Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, August 12, 2018

M. Crook + Oxherding - Soft Moon

The vast magnitude compromising a swell of sounds, an immensity difficult to fully comprehend. Consciousnesses like tiny ships on the ocean, rising up from the trough. Fortunately these sounds push past the crests, physical amplitudes left as spiritual journeys begin. Thoughts become baggage, like arms full of supplies. They are dropped and decidedly deemed unneeded. Space opens up, as corporeal existence is relegated. How can sounds be the key? Matthew Crook and Fitz Hartwig help answer this question.

Soft Moon has two parts, perfectly balanced. Two gorgeous ambient drone pieces, touching the jet stream of higher vibrating energy. Both tracks are built and then rebuilt. Matthew and Oxherding (Fitz) working together. So not a split tape, a collaboration instead. Their sounds press on the tranquilizing points of bodily vertebrae. Like someone digging their thumbs into points between the shoulder blades and lower neck. Pressing and holding, tension releasing as the mind kicks it's shoes off. Maybe cooking sonic recipes together helps find the most perfect combination. Certainly two like minded artists would want to impart their love for music in a way the other understood. Listeners are favoured by just floating on the surface as their creative sea expands in the celestial direction.

Very happy to have listened and hopefully connected with the first tape from a new St. Louis, Missouri label called Distant Bloom. Portions of all tape proceeds will go to organizations of each artist's choice. You can get on a mailing list by request to the label. Soft Moon is the first release and is in an edition of fifty with copies currently available. There are many connections with both of these artists to great people and music, especially from the Missouri area. Please do not hesitate in ordering a copy of Soft Moon, it is absolutely a beautiful composition and will be gone with a gain in momentum.

Distant Bloom - bandcamp