Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Wood Chickens - Must Die

A cassette single or a really compact blast of sound. Wood Chickens from Madison, Wisconsin dial up four micro tracks of half pipe rhythms. These songs combine sonic playfulness with the power of a jet engine at take off. Other than the opening DSL connection to the internet, it would be hard to discern Must Die's temporal origins. Easily interpreted as punk music from the late seventies. Both vocal and instrument power like Fear, and waggish transitions similar to JFA. "We Skate in Boots", is an excellent example of Wood Chicken's respect for the music they love. Be sure to take a look at all of the upcoming shows for Wood Chickens, seeing and hearing them live would be a very worthy experience.

Just released on Crush Grove Records at the end of July. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page, not sure how many there are though. Looking at the band's discography, they have had vinyl, cassettes and compact disc over the course of almost four years. Everything is sold out except for one cassette and now, this new cassette on Crush Grove Records. If you are checking the label, be sure to listen to KP & Me, Lost in a Sea of Sound described this a year ago.


Crush Grove Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Wood Chickens - bandcamp - facebook