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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Channelers - Entrance to the Next

The boundary of two air masses with different densities has moved past. Now, wind moves small patches of remaining clouds through the sky. The almost full moon, has struggled over the past few days to radiate the earth with reflected light. The last few hours has introduced a complete reversal, dry and crisp air conducting a night time glow most brilliantly vibrant. Like droning experimental electronic music, there is infinite beauty in a moonlit night time overcast sky. But when this clears, the air turning sharp and cold, resolution stretching vast distances, Entrance to the Next is impeccably germane.

Lost in a Sea of Sound has been a Channelers listener and admirer since the first composition described, They are Cloaked in Stars and Rivers in April of 2015. Each cassette taking on a different natural hue. With this newest addition, seven lengthy tracks are filled with a preponderance of clarity and direction. Notes laid out like stone steps rising beyond sight on a worn mountain path. The consciousness follows this passage, thoughts sparked and then fueled by the crystalline resonance. Entrance to the Next is titled with great relevance to the sounds within. A sonic gateway opening from the indelicate world to ethereal space.

Released on Oakland, California's Inner Islands label in late October of this year. A very limited edition of seventy seven, with many copies sold already. Fortunately there are copies currently available and Inner Islands has a winter promotion happening now as well. Don't miss out, Entrance to the Next is pure sonic beauty that will be gone in physical form very soon.

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