Quickly Sold Out


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lung cycles by Lung cycles

Night arrives slowly. Colors are hung in the sky, trapped briefly by dust particles and obtuse angles. Gathering resonance from moments like this majestic spectacle, Lung Cycles returns with a full length, indescribable radiant sounds echoing from times crevasses. Notes sustained like long streaks of burning amber swaths through the atmosphere. Lung Cycles seems to channel these fleeting moments, when strings gently lull the heart and voice causes thoughts to drift.

Only five tracks on this Lung Cycles solo outing. The formula branches from previous recordings, with a push towards adding lyrics and softly sung vocals. The second track titled "Hottest Day of the Year So Far" a gorgeously patient guitar melody, has resonated on previous recordings with the 8pm version, 6am version and now the 4pm version. Another track titled "Follow Me Up the Stairs" has an earlier version on a previous tape less the vocals. Using the depths of loved melodies and expounding on them, makes stable sonic ground. In fact so firm, these compositions blur in presentation, sounding more like a very private event played for a small room barely filled with listeners. There is one track titled "Cammal" that plays like a fulcrum in this mix. The shortest in length, but still long, filled with simplicity and clarity, notching in without a push towards any particular spectrum of feelings. A needed weigh point in this very introspective collection of melodies.

Released on Lily Tapes & Discs in November in an edition of one hundred. Amazing packaging and artwork on this tape with full color fold out, hand printed Sekishu paper, and folded insert containing more artwork and track listings. Jeremy Ferris who also worked on some backing guitar tracks for this album, did the design. Hand numbered with copies still available. Everything on Lily Tapes & Discs seems to sell out in a patiently rhythmic flow.

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