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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Casio Adcock - Nope, Nothing Clever

What is desire? Casio Adcock has a few answers. Some very ruminative thoughts delivered in a heterodox of sound. But this can not be talked about, instead, keep reading and try to forget this was a question at all. After pressing play on Nope, Nothing Clever, don't even think about going back. A rather odd looking purple ray gun is out of it's holster and ready to fire at anyone. Fortunately an even more substantial question awaits.... Will we go to heaven or go into the sea? Dead and decomposing in the earth, all of which does eventually erode into the sea at some point. Or life after death.... They found Orenthal James' supposed pair of gloves and asked will you try it on. He went to "heaven" relatively speaking right there.

Nope, Nothing Clever is a testament of verse gone asunder, frailly held together in some other worldly confluence of synthetic metrics. Describing Casio Adcock's sound is similar to the process of trying to give definitions to many things known but never needing to be described. An example would be how salt taste, what funny is, or why minor tones are considered melancholy. One thing not needing an explanation is what loneliness is, the lack of a gift of a Rolodex for reasons that must be heard. And while listening you will be awarded five hundred gold for another amour upgrade. Without patience and understanding you are going to need it. Please remember this description might not be the product of your expectations, but Casio Adcock has imparted a little bit of coding and graphic design to help us understand.

Released on \\NULL|ZØNE// from Athens, Georgia. In an edition of fifty with the consistently beautiful artwork by Shifter. And the description (story) on the bandcamp page is so much better than this one. Should of just copy and pasted it, but you have to try and rise above when it gets hard. Thank you Casio!

\\NULL|ZØNE// - facebook - bandcamp