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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Isness - Isness

Duality of intimacy in the vast expansiveness. Like a corner in a giant cathedral, candles lit and prayers said to some saint or deity. Activity in abundance in all aspects while attention is focused in thoughtful seclusion. A juxtaposition of sensory redlining and conscious deep diving, occurring only when conditions are amiable. Things out of sync producing noise and wandering thoughts. This is the cornerstone of the sonic landscape Isness creates. Melodies and harmonies are the cynosure, sonic freedoms to follow filling the remaining hairline cracks in working minds. In this aspect, meaning the polarity of serenity and brooding chaos, feelings and introspection are unlocked from being otherwise untouched. Achieving such special status is not an easy task. Many listens have gone into these descriptive words and there is still much doubt on truly connecting with the artists.

Extraordinary impressions, echoing and reverberating through grand venues. Decaying drone space perforated with cosmic particles. Isness evolves through time like sentient beings finally leaving the planetary surface. Fates diverging in infinite possibilities, from reaching higher intelligence to plunging back to primordial stasis. Thoughts follow the energy, grasping until senses become dislodge. Maybe travelling farther on the next listen through.

Released on Crash Symbols in October. Copies are currently available from an edition of one hundred now down to four three. Isness is Catherine Debard and Matt Robidoux with violinist Jenifer Gelineau on the first side of the tape. Thank you for the splendid push past thought to be unassailable thresholds.

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