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Saturday, January 12, 2019

ML Wah & Herbcraft - No Slack

Juicy Fruit (Herbsman Dub) by ML Wah causes goosebumps. A hazy image of Augustus Pablo playing melodica channels straight to the consciousness. This cassette titled No Slack is an extremely well curated assemblage of root doctor's medicines. A bag of four remedies, each with different healing properties. Juicy Fruit (Herbsman Dub) goes to the core the quickest. Baselines giving passage through the dark, drums echoing seemingly in all directions, guide like guitar constructing the flickering visions of a melodica player facing towards the edge. This is an ML Wah effort with the first song Malawa Beat being the other.

Herbcraft has two tracks on the reverse side, Ababa and No Slack (General Vibe Dub). The first track Ababa, perfectly combines the feelings of the deepest roots with sounds from the most recent decade. If a comparison is needed, take seventies sounds from Ras Michael and interweave this with Peeking Lights 936 album. The title track, No Slack (General Vibe Dub), timeless dub exhalations creating an encompassing ethereal experience. Disintegrating beats cast out over seasons and space. Reaching for and pulling guitar riffs as both slide into an expansive abyss. Sounds are stretched across conscious fields, the energy like a translucent blanket, providing warmth and ushering good spirits.

Released on Crash Symbols in the middle of November in an edition of one hundred. Very surprising there are copies remaining, but eight seven six are still currently available. Both Crash Symbols and Matt Lajoie have a large following, so No Slack will be out of print soon. Wanted to add, Matt Lajoie has a new album out on both cassette and vinly, released yesterday on January 11th. Titled The Center and the Fringe, four solo guitar pieces played straight to your ears. This is on the Flower Room label and will begin shipping next week.

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