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Friday, January 4, 2019

Period Bomb - Lost and Found

Lost and Found is an interesting term. A place where hopes find resonance but more frequently are abruptly extinguished. Also describing a condition of being, a state of mind or status of material object. In this instance, Lost and Found is the title for Period Bomb's cassette release on Already Dead Tapes and Records. A very appropriate name for these twenty four tracks that stem back through great lengths of time and efforts. Again, also connecting with the state of finding something really good that has been lost to listeners at this point.

Period Bomb has one of those long cartoon gun powder fuses. Sounds travelling in a tiny flame crossing all forms of terrain. Once ignited, the path these tracks take is simultaneously straight forward and sinuous. Punk like root combustion, vaporizing into whimsical psychedelic recordings and story telling. Lost and Found is filled with mind piercing shrapnel, groovy pop fragments melting into thoughts and causing melodies to ricochet in the head. Cam and DJ are the artistic at hub of these richly colorful borderline maniacal tidbits. "Status Quo" is what Period Bomb is not, and this warbling track emphasizes their deviation. Quickly march along with them on "Nice Kabob" and in less than a minute, thrash away with "Rot w/U". A few songs have featured artists, all so tangled and mutated, hard to discern what is Period Bomb and what external influence has contributed. Throwing in "What's That Smell? Best of the Period Bomb Hotline 2018" between the last few tracks of sound aftermath, is an excellent conclusion to this collection of lost sounds found on one fully realized composition.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in late October of 2018. Copies are currently available. David Drucker's description of Lost and Found on the Already Dead bandcamp page is very well written and fully informative. Wanted to just copy and paste it here.... Also the constantly listening and writing Ryan Masteller has a great description on Tiny Mix Tapes. The complex creativity, high energy and bursting emotions delivered by Period Bomb make Lost and Found a tangible manifestation of artistic sublimity.

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