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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ted Apel and Anthony Burr - False Iguana

A blanket of tones pulled over and snugly warming the consciousness. Upon closer listening, this is not a homogenized cover but rather an intricate quilt of finely crafted stitching. Ted Apel playing a modular synthesizer system and Anthony Burr controlling a Univox combination organ. Together, these artists creating minute seams, almost unnoticeable, fractal patterns building a very sublime droning state of wellbeing.

From reading the notes by Anthony, these two side long tracks are performances done at an unstated time. Each piece only minimally adjusted for this Muzane Editions cassette. The first side titled "Hollow Phobos" is incredibly vibrant, but at an almost micro level. Imagine if you could here a long line of ants moving. The uncountable number of legs in systematic cadence, shifting slightly to navigate undulating surfaces. Anthony and Ted following this pattern, sustained notes changing in slight degrees, almost one long drone, but not at all. "24-Track Set" is the title of the second side. Beautiful tones more obviously changing. Like the suns radiance on a rotating object. The cycle of exposure, heating, darkness and cooling, repeating in a dazzling timeless fashion. Notes bubble to the surface, then retreat as the infinite drift envelopes these creations.

Two extremely beautiful tracks on one cassette. Released by Muzan Editions in December, one hundred copies now down to fifteen. False Iguana is part of the Muzan Editions Fall Batch, three releases that are still available as a batch, but very limited at this point.

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