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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Damien + Namo - Meridian

Namo returns to cassette with a release titled Meridian. This time the sides are split. Damien creating beats and rhythms for the first side titled Agglomeration and Namo handling the second side with a side long track tiled Dusted Earth. There is a binding similarity to these artists, but their works contrast making Meridian a well balanced split release.

Even though each artists has one track on either side at almost fifteen minutes in length, both compositions play with multiple changes of rhythmic patterns. This creates a sensation of listening to varying songs in a seamless movement.

Damien pushes towards a world of dream like jazz, where hip hop has lucidity and melodies drift through the relaxed consciousness. This sonic landscape is soothing and perfectly restrained. Damien understands the constraints of making sounds to foster certain states of downbeat behavior. Changes in arrangements are timed with modern attention spans, sounds from places most everyone has some relationship with. Really a  perfect menagerie of style and approach.

Namo digs deeper into the earth. Maybe through time or dense jungle, the result is something much heavier than the first side. Tribal rhythms for ceremonial fire dances, modern hip hop pulled through the porthole, filling minds of youths becoming adults. A place where culture is growing, but the select few are the only ones that know. Dusted Earth is everywhere and Namo is extracting sounds like a skilled archeologist. Like Damien's track, this sonic plate is filled with only digestible ingredients. There is most certainly a sonic world not ready to be imparted by both of these artists. They give us aural glimpses in hopes listeners will some day be ready.

Released on I had An Accident Records from Spokane in an edition of fifty. Most of these releases sell out fairly quickly, do not procrastinate if a physical copy is on the list to pick up.

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