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Sunday, February 24, 2019

HAWN - For A Ride

Michael Jeffrey Lee and John Craun are taking everyone For A Ride with a world of Strange Visions. Together on a road rally to bring skewed sounds, fresh thoughts and stories. The side door of the car reads HAWN, but it's uncertain if this stands for more or is an acronym for something else. What is for certain, the absolutely natural musical talents of these artists. Like working with a jigsaw puzzle left out in the rain, pieces saturated with water and separating at the edges. There is no way this will ever fit together, look away and then turn back to hear the last cut snap in with harmonic clarity. The first listen is like the wet puzzle, and with each repeat, the seams bleed into obscurity.

With eleven tracks, multiple characters and narrative tangents, where does a description take root? "I was taking my time, I was sipping my wine, then it all began". A leisurely start to the second track as giant electronic insects buzz the lounging area. Titled Strange Visions, this track exemplifies the aptitude of both Michael and John. With this point to begin, held within every track are fascinating lyrics, beautiful vocal cleverness and perfectly timed musical pathways, appearing then vanishing as words are spoken. There are a few short interludes within this composition, but these are needed to partition so many varying story lines. Frank E. Lee and Judas Priest were the best of friends, discussing paradise, eternity and the concepts of generosity. A new question surfaces, is Cody Mathews a dimensional Pablo Picasso? HAWN channeling the energy of Alex Chilton, but maybe a little osmosis from Jonathan Richman filtrating in. Both Cody and Pablo crusaders of their times. "It does not matter what's been written, don't care what people say, when you ride with Cody, you see things Cody's way. It's time to wake up!" Like Pablo Picasso, Cody was never called and asshole.

For A Ride is HAWN's third release. The first titled Spree was on a New Orleans label called Cold Carnival. This 2013 composition has a bandcamp link. The second release from 2015 is Badmans, and was not on a label, there is also a link to this one on bandcamp. Now in 2019, listeners can go For A Ride. Released in an edition of seventy from Strategic Tape Reserve in Cologne, Germany. There will be plenty of physical copies for a short while, as HAWN gains momentum. Then Michael's Budokan brother Jeff Byrd will be picked up for an upcoming cassette titled DAD IS BAD on the Baba Vanga label.

Strategic Tape Reserve link - bandcamp - twitter
Michael Jeffrey Lee link - twitter