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Saturday, February 23, 2019

La Tredicesima Luna - Oltre L'ultima Onda Del Mare

A sojourn through conscious fringe. Where feelings swell and recede as tidal like energy changes vast expanses of mental landscape. Lonely sounds causing thoughts to turn and reach far inward. Comfort rests in the knowledge we are all the same, live and die in fractal patterns repeated across time. The exploration into the cognizant reaches of individual experiences, distinguishes the spirit from those in temporal alliance. Meaning, creative outwardly expressed is the true characteristic not in common across the human populace.  Matteo Brusa as La Tredicesima Luna, forms experiences into sound, the richness of a soul sharing love.

Two side long tracks of ambient panorama, a rapture of emotions crossing physical space. Deep undertones swell above the breadth of sounds, cosmic collisions reverberating through time and amplitude. When all sonic pieces align, worlds are formed. Majestic heights are sustained through a zenith of zealous aural focus. Oltre l'ultima onda del mare then wanes, back to unknown origins and limitless intensity. Beautifully composed and orchestrated, an ardour of expressions crossing the still uncharted sea between consciousnesses.

This is the second description by Lost in a Sea of Sound for Matteo Brusa's work in the La Tredicesima Luna project. The first was titled Il sentiero degli Dei, released over two years ago and completely sold out. Oltre l'ultima onda del mare is an edition of seventy, currently nine copies remain. Both releases from the Lighten Up Sounds label based in Minneapolis.

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