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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cameron, Dockery & Hipólito - Organ

For the farthest reaches, the consciousness must tune itself. Like an analog radio dial, the slightest turn bringing the most distant transmission into clarity. The questions then manifest, are these sounds the ones to hear, should the knob be turned again, maybe there is something better? Listening to music, especially sonic energy filtering in from the fringes, is a similar process. With the massive amount of sounds to hear, what finally takes transparency, is subject to the same aspects of the radio dial. The consciousness has tuned in, talent and creativity begin their osmosis.

Organ defies framework. Heavy ambient pressures mixing in the darkest depths. These are sounds that take time to travel to. A symbiosis of both organic and mechanical, both vying to be heard at select frequencies. Five lengthy tracks exploring many sonic textures. The second offering, "Look at the Clock", emitting sonar visions of a submarine traversing underwater canyons. Massive engines pushing through dense darkness. Smooth transitioning  to "Waiting Room", details of unknown visitors scanning the Earth's surface. Slightly disconcerting, a little Eraserheadish, but also the shortest track of the five. The last two tracks pull away from terrestrial tethers. An uplift in spirit to some degree, still introspective, but the tight molecular bonding has loosened. Meditatively eastern world drone, with resonating strings of higher vibrations. A very nice drift away from such a sunken start.

Lisa Cameron, Lee Dockery and Daniel Hipólito are the creative union for Organ. Their backgrounds in music are long and diverse. Descriptions are readable on the bandcamp page, so won't go into it here. This is the first release described for the Austin, Texas label Self Sabotage Records. Much to explore with a diverse array of sounds dating back a couple of years. As with Organ, the label procures sounds from a wealth of experience, many well know artists have sonic fibers woven in. Some of the physical releases are only available on the label's big cartel page, like this release.

Self Sabotage Records site - facebook - bandcamp - twitter

DE GREEF MIXTAPE SERIE #1: Drache Musicale

In an ongoing search for radio transmissions broadcasting the full potential of music and sounds, discovery by cassette is a first. The Drache Musicale radio show is on RADIO PANIK 105.4 FM in Brussels. Hosted by FrontChaud and Miss Sirocco, a curation of everything that is good. The show is live on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 17h-18h UTC. Replayed on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month 10h-11h UTC

Released on Tanuki Records in an edition of thirty. Copies quickly sold out. There was no download originally, but Tanuki Records has offered a limited time download on their bandcamp page. This show is titled "Piano à Pouces", diving into sub-Saharan African rhythms and branching out with worldly beats. Strong influences of metal tongued instruments plucked in traditional styles, accompanied by beautiful vocals. Described as "Likembe / Sanza / Mbira / Kondi / Kalimba / Marimba", from the Drache Musicale website. The Tanuki Records cassette is also a hybrid of the radio show. Listening to the soundcloud version of "Piano à Pouces", some of the narration by FrontChaud and Miss Sirocco has been edited. This provides a more concise musical edition via cassette. 

#1 Drache Musicale is the first edition in the De Greef Mix Tape Series. Much love went into the presentation, with individual paper pouches wrapped and sealed with the Tanuki dressing. Printed card stock inside with artful details. 

Hopefully more cassettes will be issued in the De Greef series. For now enjoy the sounds on Tanuki's bandcamp page. The next live broadcast of Drache Musicale will be on Monday, May 13th.

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook
Drache Musicale  site - facebook


The second cassette release in the De Greef Mix Tape Series has Brussels connections with Tanuki Records, like the first in the series. Belgium's LOWDJO brings together more sounds, more mystery, more than is processable in one listen. Beats, rhythms, samples, poetry, stories, and a ton of talent, this release titled simply LOWJO, will fill every listening desire possibly imaginable. The entire composition is a heavy, heavily chilled sonic experience and is awesome. Gliding across countries and continents, LOWDJO expertly transitions styles and genres, atmospheric static with words lost in time. The real wisdom of these sounds is the patience. LOWDJO allows time to hear what is in focus, and the movement through the sonic lens is perfectly balanced. There is never a feeling of aural kitchen sinks being thrown at you, and in LOWDJO's world of musical knowledge, he easily could. His mixes are well conceived recipes of sonic savoriness, experiences to go back to for many repeated listens.  

This description is from the Ear Conditioning website and is worth including. "Possibly the most eclectic DJ in Brussels has always had a preference for the more bizarre, obscure & experimental music. Lowdjo takes you on a journey with his ethnic beats extraordinaire, laced together by a tantalizing mix of contemporary electronics, exploring the globe’s weird musical heritage."

Like the first in this Tanuki cassette series, #2: LOWDJO tapes are sold out. Only thirty to start, they went quickly. For a limited time Tanuki Records has the complete composition available for download on their bandcamp page. LOWDJO also has about three hours of his work ready to listen on soundcloud. Hopefully Tanuki Records will continue with the De Greef Mix Tape Series, maybe with more physical copies in each edition next time!

Tanuki Records - bandcamp - facebook
LOWDJO - soundcloud - facebook

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci - Wooden Mirrors

Music finding roots, the heart feeling at home. The double bass crosses many genres, and with two, exponentially expanded. Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci take these sounds to town straight away. The opening track and the composition title, a most pleasant cruise in a world of deep resonance.  The ride begins with a heavy mass of jazz undertones played freely and with excellent restrain. This world gradually dissolves as one double bass begins it's low howl, the bow now gliding across the strings. The second bass joins and a very classical feel is born. This brief interlude ends with both Daniel and Cristiano setting bows down and inching their fretwork up the neck. The next transition is slightly more chaotic, both tempo and tone with a quicker pulse. This style seems to slip through any genre nomenclature, with a final foray of double bass bows bidding a triumphant departure. Many styles have come to confluence and many listeners should be very satisfied.

The second track, "From a Concourse" is much more deviant. Daniel continues on with the bass while Cristiano hones and curates the electronic structures. The new sonic environment expands and corrodes in simultaneous instances. Static turbulence with thoughts of equipment malfunction, pulsating rhythms providing a canvas for the lone bass. Sounds with severed roots, decaying sonic frameworks making this second selection an excellent companion to the first.

Well manicured diversity all of the way through Wooden Mirrors, many transitions but silently seamless. The compact disc was released on the Plus Timbre label from Athens, Greece. Many sounds to explore on the labels bandcamp page, but start with Wooden Mirrors!

Plus Timbre site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Daniel Barbiero site
Cristiano Bocci site

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Elkhorn - Sun Cycle / Elk Jam

Going back through all of the descriptions on this site, there has been mention of how listening time and environment contour the feelings music creates. With this in mind, the correct moment to drop the stylus on this pair of vinyl heavies needs some degree of calculation. Thankfully, responsibilities were pushed aside and consolidated, leaving enough undisturbed absorption time to cycle through multiple plays of both of these compositions. Initial thoughts were to separate Sun Cycle and Elk Jam into separate entries, but at some point while listening the realization stabilized for this to be one description.

The most appreciable feature of music is the ability to loose the fact it is being listened to. This might seem like a contradiction, so an explanation is needed. Listening to Elkhorn through four sides of grooves, there are many instances when the fervor of the sounds reach a red lining overloading status. Each musician in some conscious singularity playing with such intensity as to escape the gravitational draw. By some science yet to be understood, all artists pull away reaching a nexus between the group. The music at this point is all out, like someone still talking loud when the room quiets. This momentous earnestness by the band takes all listeners through time and space. Maybe it is just called zoning out and going for the ride, but when thoughts return and the music has kicked back, the world looks different. Now small events and unnoticed surroundings beam with a fantastic spectrum. Elkhorn now playing in a fascinating and super chilled manner, the backdrop for allowing the details of the surroundings to become clear and in focus. Awareness carried by music and not being aware of it, this is what makes Elkhorn special.

Drew Gardner and Jesse Sheppard are the duo of Elkhorn. They have previous releases on both cassette and vinyl, Eiderdown Records, Debacle Records and Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. Everything is sold out except for the cassette Lionfish on Eiderdown. The earlier compositions are the straight duo of Drew and Jesse. For the newest pair of releases, Sun Cycle and Elk Jam, Ryan Jewel and Willie Lane have made two into a quartet. Sun Cycle pushes a little more towards the preceding basis of Jesse's twelve string and Ryan's electric guitar. There is scattered percussion from Ryan and more electric from Willie, adding a new depth when needed, but not changing the fabric too much from what it has been. The four musician's full force lets loose on Elk Jam, hence the name. This is not a constant though, there are many junctures where the more duoish Sun Cycle and the rocking Elk Jam crossover. For example, the eastern "Subway Mirror Heart" with tabla, a dreamlike rock ballad and "Jam II", pairing twelve string with electrics, lite on drums from Ryan. Each track could have been on the other album, but the subtle beauty is the tethering of these compositions together, each sharing aspects of each other. The fact they are individual lps released in accord is a desirable quality, but a gate fold with both vinyls side by side would be equally as appropriate.

Heavy and lite, a constant push to fill the space of these extremes. Sounds gathered from a complex web of passions and experiences. Decades of roots for Sun Cycle and Elk Jam, so many places these passages come from. There could be a long list of artists to draw comparisons from, but this is not needed. Elkhorn just takes traditions or what substantiates multiple styles and genres, stacking it together for the Dagwood Sandwich of sounds. Acoustic guitar, long sustained notes from electric guitars, and worldly percussive rhythms sparking global resonance.

An interesting thought, what if you pulled either of the records from a thrift store bin? The outer sleeve worn enough to preclude it from being new. A label you do not recognize. The swirled vinyl would probably be a give away, but for this analogy lets just say they vinyl is black. What would your thoughts be when the needle finds the groove? You would probably spill your drink trying to grab the cover while looking for details. Elkhorn is timeless, fifty years ago or fifty years from now, there is no exact moment in this span where origins can be pinpointed. This also touches on another aspect of what has been composed and played, recorded or live are very similar in sound. Extremely straight forward selections which are easily just a massive set. And speaking of live, Elkhorn is playing at the WFMU Record Fair, Sunday the 28th at 3pm. Not sure if this will be broadcast live.

Released on Feeding Tube Records a week ago, copies from the label have already fled. You can find these records for sale at Forced Exposure. Each recording embodies the heavy and lite aspects of sound. This feature is complimented with mostly clear physical vinyl, darker swirls towards the center. A touch of love for those who enjoy the physical medium. Take a look through the pictures below to see. Feeding Tube Records has already announced there will be a second pressing. The digital is available from Elkhorn's bandcamp page.


elk JAM

Elkhorn site - facebook - bandcamp
Feeding Tube Records site

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Skyminds - Skyminds

If you are a fan of Oakland's Inner Islands label, Skyminds could have been there. Instead, these sounds have been directed southerly to Los Angeles' auasca label. A place where arrival is fortunately facilitated by the first track on this composition titled "An Opening", giving all listeners a chance to chemical wash the inner worries and daily wearisome from thoughts. The distances covered in these sonic long hauls is tremendous. A flattened landscape exposing three hundred and sixty degrees of horizon. Blue emptiness infiltrated by high clouds with glowing feathered edges. The sun falls below the curve, then everything above changes tones. Skyminds follows similar patterns. The expansiveness of these sounds finding tranquility in drone, ancient worldly rhythms and even the resolve of human voice. Like dusk slowly grabbing light away, changes go relatively unnoticed as it happens. Skyminds subtly transforms aural constitutes without any jagged edges. Ambience to rhythmic grooves, innovations happen without seams.

Seven tracks varying in time and pace. There are strong beliefs these sounds have primordial origins. Part of the planet’s energy now channeled by like minded consciousnesses. Both Sean Conrad and Michael Henning with a rich awareness of sounds long ago and shapes that will be. These selections correlating with moments akin to Brian Eno, Stag Hare and follow the long lived diversity of Alexander Courage. Which does make sense, since the entire listen has a slight push towards the qualities contained in an original score. Over forty minutes gives these experienced artists a large canvas to record on. Many listens and there is still more to absorb.

Released in an edition of one hundred at the start of March. Copies are currently available. If you are interested in previous solo works by either artist, here are two quick links for sounds that have been described on Lost in a Sea of Sound.

auasca site - bandcamp - facebook

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Black Eagle Child - Six Lugubrious Airs

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out something simple. Six Lugubrious Airs is a second release for Black Eagle Child on Geology Records. The first titled Lobelia was just shy of two years ago. Was wondering what the connection was, then noticed Black Eagle Child and Geology Records are both from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lobelia was beautiful place for a beginning and Six Lugubrious Airs is an excellent way to continue the fine working relationship. Most interesting is the title to this composition, something that must have a further meaning. At least term "German Athens" is able to be searched for and processed, Six Lugubrious Airs will most likely remain a mystery.  

Michael Jantz as Black Eagle Child offers eight songs that have slipped past all hungry labels and their double barrels of releases. Maybe something from ten years ago or just one, these selections have accumulated and had good fortune to find love from Geology Records. Might as well get this noted, there is another physical option, a 12" Lathe Cut available from Black Eagle Child's bandcamp page. Not sure how many Lathe Cuts were made, but there are currently only four left. Geology Records only has fifty in the cassette edition, so all together, not that many physical copies in either form have been done.

If you have read this far, there is a good chance of noticing the sounds have not been described. The reason for this is the elusiveness of Six Lugubrious Airs sonic presence. Could be in relation to their outsider nature, all finding each other together here at this moment in time. What are we called? Lugubrious, that will work. The opening track "Acres", drops the tool box in descriptive reasoning process for the entire album, banjo with sweet electric guitar? A loved musician with the same creative genius coming to mind is John Hartford. From folk and bluegrass roots to something all his own, Michael Jantz is free from genres as well. Imagination and talent help make every track on Six Lugubrious Airs effortless pleasures. These selections have contrasting qualities, an introspective thought provoking resonance with a brightness tending towards social relaxation. Like you want to ponder and travel in the minds flow, but enjoying company with others while Six Lugubrious Airs is playing seems pretty good as well. Sometimes the tones have a lonely essence about them, then field recordings of people and voices gently push the listen away from being a total thought burner. The last track "So Long", is a grand example of how subtle this release is. Brings thoughts of Tuluum Shimmering and Stag Hare combining energies. Hopefully a few of these words will stick. The most important particular is your time to listen.

Geology Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Black Eagle Child - bandcamp 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

naps - better to give

The confluence of ambient worlds, a consciousness channeling outward through current electronics as subtle natural surroundings well up. Naps finds home here. Two mediums, thought and environment, with vastly different constructs, both reaching back to the same origin. Interesting how emotions and feelings rely heavily on the surrounding landscape and increasingly more, this fostering habitat depends upon the feelings of all the souls it harbors. A topic for future discussion, but relevant in what is being heard now on better to give.

Jason Calhoun has found home on Lily Tapes and Discs with previous Naps releases. There is also Bridgetown Records full length from 2016. The common factor of all three of these featured recordings, they are sold out. Now the Omaha, Nebraska label Gertrude Tapes has a very limited full length, in an edition of fifty at almost forty minutes of recording time. Hopefully this helps to quantify the how special Jason's forays into beautiful concurrence are. 

Within the long tracks on better to give, naps melds sounds with extreme skill. Delicate patience... a drone record absorbing the atmosphere it exists in. A landscape filled with old imperfections, part of the unique beauty holding true throughout the majority of naps' sound. Simply explained, within this aural panorama, the erosion of what were once blemishes has coalesced with energy growing around it. Think of a ship sunk to become the base for a coral reef. Jason's clunking start of the tape player has resonated for so long, the sound feels nostalgic and warm. Mechanical din that gives groundwork for an industrial world, all having become part of the allure the mind holds sweet. A tranquil heavy with some fine crazing (pottery term), outstanding from start to finish. Thank you naps and Gertrude Tapes.

Copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page. Don't wait on this.

Gertrude Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook
naps - bandcamp - facebook

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Zach Rowden / Jarrett Gilgore / Ian McColm - First Lapse

Played with just a little bit of volume, the clarity of First Lapse resonates with definition. The aural matter these three artist emit, reaches towards the threshold of the unknown. Each instrument, it's own voice in a three person conversation. And in this dialogue, the fervor and freedom First Lapse sustains, is truly the most magnificent feature of the composition. A sonic foray in such a degree of motion, kinematic theory will be needed for music scholar's studies.

How to describe music played in the fringes, is a difficult task. The most honest words to write, "these sounds are out there". From listening and writing, there are other combinations of skilled musicians working in the same vein. This release was described just a few entries ago, Every Way But What Came to Mind. Three different artists, similar in structure, but with a sally in their own unique direction. And farther back, the three artist making First Lapse were together on a split cassette issued by Pidgeon Records. Also described on Lost In A Sea Of Sound. This familiarity does little to make characterization of sounds more coherent to any potential readers. Maybe only quantifying that these amalgamations of creativity and energy are continually growing. This might lead to the topic of how far back the roots go, but again this is for music scholar's studies.

With the compact disc version of First Lapse, many repeat listens were attended to. Thirty minutes of sound divided into five tracks, there is enough energy on this album to power a small city for twenty three days. Most prominent is the alto saxophone by Jarrett Gilgore. Notes and passages that can slice into the mind then heal the wound directly after. A dimly lit street corner with the proverbial horn playing, then assailing persnickety notes, dancing just above. Ian McColm's percussive abilities are delicate at times, simple anti-rhythms or mini riffs laid down as riddled canvas for Jarret and Zach. But like distant thunder getting closer, power and ferocity develop in any instant. The most obscured sounds are those of Zach Rowden's upright bass. Maybe a factor of the combination of instruments, more likely a choice in how to make everything stand out. A integral key to depth and richness on much of First Lapse. Zach's talent is special, a super glue of creative force holding everything together.

Released on disc by Raw Tonk Records from London. The label caters to the tertiary, delivering sounds from the edge. Artwork by talented Colin Webster on a recycled card stock case with insert. Not sure how many copies of First Lapse are in this edition, but they are currently available.There is also much to explore on this very well defined label, Raw Tonk Records.

Raw Tonk Records - bandcamp - facebook
 Zach Rowden - facebook - bandcamp
Ian McColm site- facebook
Jarrett Gilgore - facebook

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bret Schneider - Constellations

A hot and very humid afternoon in Florida. The freshwater springs sparkle with cool and refreshing invitations. Plunging into the natural pool changes points of view, quickly and most agreeably. Temperature drops and the mind and body are charged. A world below is now exposed, ancient and always there. You are a visitor but still feel at home. Constellations embodies the aspects of this transitioning space. From the initial press of play, sounds surround the spirit, energizing and causing thoughts to wander. A reposition of perspectives allow splendid feelings to surface.

Bret Schneider captures consciousnesses with incredible deftness in electronic skills. These sounds match thought patterns and usher the mind from current frames of reference. There is a faint feeling of loneliness though. Something beautiful on a solo flight, speeding through natural mediums, water, air and farther out into space. Listeners hear the exquisiteness, but the sounds are not effected. Four tracks on this cassette constituting around fifty minutes of aural mist. The start with Imi's song is slow and radiant. Somewhere along the way, this sun drenched oasis brims with surge of vitality. Imi's Song ascends from droning roots, to twisting leaf like notes in a cosmic breath cast upon the planet. With the third track, Bret simply pushes everything through neck of the hour glass. Perfectly paced, flowing incredibly smooth, a beautiful track that elevates all thoughts. The last track, Adam's song is the most solitary. With brightness dimming rest has been eyed, everything slows as thoughts begin to tangle away from reason. The sonic journey seems to begin as it ends making Constellations a very sweet listen from start to finish.

Released on cassette by the relatively new label Distant Bloom. Both label and artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Fifty tapes in this edition, Constellations is the fifth release with the fourth, Dream of Fields, coming out one day before. The first three tapes from Distant Bloom are four copies away from being completely sold out. So do not wait...  Bret Schneider's composition is acquiring ears and will be gone soon.

Distant Bloom - bandcamp - facebook
Bret Schneider site - bandcamp - facebook

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Adams​/​Bucko​/​Cunningham - Every Way But What Came to Mind

Fire side folk one hundred years from now.Rhythms have relinquished themselves to time. This was once avant-garde improvisational freedom. Now the underwater home sphere company is playing these sounds during their open houses. Time changes everything and this can be heard on the new compilation by Alexander Adams, Bob Bucko Jr, and Alexander Cunningham. There are moments when the fever is in full force, but this is far from the feature. These artists have settled in, drawing a giant triangle to see how far the sounds can separate but still be connected. Of course stretching something that far has an elastic sonic snap back, there will be some serious welts on the consciousness. The distance each artist gives the other is the true genius of this composition. And as a listener, a new fourth corner has bid welcome and opened up.

Three tracks across forty minutes allows an abundant amount of time for development. But this is the wrong word. Every Way But What Came to Mind could be the antitheses of cumulative results. The moments of sound exist and are spurned on by talent and emotion. Each instrument, Cunningham's violin, Bucko's horn and Adam's drums, have abilities to both sooth and grate. There are plenty of passages when the cacophony is overwhelming, but this is never overdone. Instead, the crux of the sounds heard are almost casual, like three musicians playing across a large venue. Sounds meeting in the middle, fusing momentarily, then dispersing towards their counterparts. Their individuality is articulated and the cooperative effort establishes itself as something completely new. Yes, this is difficult to explain. A few listens and these words might mean more, or maybe not.

Every Way But What Came to Mind is released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in a edition of seventy five cassettes. Copies are available but quantities have quickly sold leaving only ten seven as this is written.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp - twitter

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ernia - Ernia

Five musicians making musical power at mercurial speeds. Percussion filling all senses, "the long roll" amazingly played by only one drummer. Imminent chords executed by dueling guitars, the landscape disappearing as smokey haze chokes all senses. Bass notes inducing surfaces to vibrate, the effect causing stability to be lost, everything falls. A voice reigns above, patterned with daily instructions or lessons of wisdom, difficult to decipher as the frantic urgency becomes overwhelming. Ernia has entered thoughts, pace and seriousness incentivizing the pulse rate to quicken. A sonic heaviness resting in the skull as brain matter is tenderized.

Hailing from Logroño, Spain, Ernia finds the pathway to Already Dead Tapes and Records for a self titled release. Recorded between 2013 to 2015, and originally released in 2016. There after these tracks fell before meticulous ears. Each step to follow, a professional curation crossing both country and continent. From Spain to Nachrodt, Germany then to Baltimore, Maryland. Mastering in Örebro, Sweden and then finally taking physical form with what Ernia has noted as the three R's, revamped, remixed and remastered.

The velocity present throughout these tracks is staggering. But Ernia seems to know you can't hop on a speeding train, there are moments when the pace slows and listening rungs can be gripped. Pull yourself in though, thoughts blur without notice. These sounds are an explosion cascading out in all directions but controlled by sonic stops. An extremely tight band with rhythm held in other worldly stasis. Each instrument and vocals at some higher level of consciousness.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records on cassette in the beginning of March. This is in an edition of seventy five. There are also other options for purchase, compact disc format and t-shirt bundles. These details are on the Ernia bandcamp page.

*** Lost in a Sea of Sound is not qualified to be describing Ernia. And because of this, no classifications of genres have been or will be used. If this music helps you sleep or keeps you awake on dark and empty freeways, you know so much more.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp - twitter
Ernia - bandcamp - facebook