Concrete Colored Paint - Linhas em terra

Crossing parallels and meridians is how the world became known. Brave sailors disregarding the flat earth theory, setting off to establish sea routes for trade. Now, air travel expedites the process at exponential rates. And with the world being relatively so much closer, this cassette from NOSTROMO 1999 records has made the journey. The sounds within cause reflection though. Mysterious dream like vignettes, patiently spaced across time and place. Viscous drone holding the diversities in conveyable stasis. A flicker back to the assortment of places sea men would visit or captured airwaves from a present day world?

Linhas em terra could be best described as an astral projection over lines of longitude and latitude. Each destination wrought with sonic opacity, fluctuating background energy droning in consistency, as clouded speech is heard but not fully understood. The late Robert Monroe writes about interactions similar to this. Traveling out of body to encounter people in present time, all being real yet still enveloped with a slight degree of reverie. CCP or Concrete Colored Paint delivers an expounding sonic representation of this experience. A path to different dialects, foot steps leading away, traversing water, encountering music, birds, industrial hum then back to drone. This is all on side A of the cassette. The second side remains much more sedentary, the aural landscape reserved to the seaside. Maybe an inlet or port, a place depicting the contrast of nature and the resonance of man's industrial footprints.

Concrete Colored Paint is Peter Kris. This is the second cassette by CCP to find time with Lost in a Sea of Sound. The first and also the introduction was a split with Tap Water on Lighten Up Sounds. The cassette was released a year ago and is now sold out. Fortunately, Linhas em terra is currently available and is entirely devoted to Concrete Colored Paint. Linhas em terra is very limited, with only forty copies in the edition. One other note, CCP t-shirts are available from NOSTROMO as well. This is also the first time a NOSTROMO release has been described on the site. Other than the fact the labels uses Euros, not really sure where their headquarters is. Another question regarding the label's name, is there any connection to the Joseph Conrad novel?

For the music there in, an excellent sonic foray in well developed style. Peter Kris continues with creativity in all directions.

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