Lake Mary / Vicky Mettler

Split cassettes from Whited Sepulchre Records. Sonic ingredients dissolving together in efforts to obscure one side from the other. On this edition Vicky Mettler takes strings and shapes them like a blacksmith over the forge. Lake Mary adds the filigree and sharpens the metal.

Vicky Mettler offers two tracks on side A of the split. "Slie" explores slowly building rhythmic pressure with calculated sonic fragments precariously stacked in growing accord. Math and angles in creative free flow. The second offering "Stick" settles in a little more. Bent strings, curving away from their primitive folk roots. Guitar music we seem to have an affiliation with, played in an alternate dimension. The result, removal of all sonic tethers, sounds moving in full atmospheric freedom.

"Botanica" is the side long track offered by Lake Mary. This is the continuing project of Chaz Prymek. Acoustic strings slipping in and out of diaphanous curtains of electronic haze. Slowly the thin resonating material falls as the guitar begins an obscure melodic gambol. Lake Mary always delivering the purest electronic free guitar work, connecting sounds across time with great musicians around the world. So much to hear, beautifully part of the inner construct of all music.

A Whited Sepulchre Records release in an edition of one hundred. This is part of the 2019 Fall Batch with the other two split cassettes by Trupa Trupa / Suspirians and drowse / AMULETS. The entire batch is also still available for physical purchase as well.



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