Mrs Dink - Death By Misadventure

Rhythms pouring done like sheets of rain in the chaotic gale. The winds subside and air clears revealing pulsating life all around. Death By Misadventure begins to permeate thoughts, subduing all fixations of daily operating patterns. A sonic overlay causing the foot to tap for some complete spasms of the nerves for others. Mrs Dink continues the osmotic reprogramming. Deft diversity in consistent cadence, clear sonic images flickering in the saturated menagerie of sounds. 

Mrs Dink is the project of Meagan Johnson, a fluent artists on both sides of music, her own creations as well as curating the creations of others on her label Degenerate Trifecta. Death By Misadventure contains a massive amount of sounds. Techno pulled from the past, new circuitry and tubing connected, then infused with wisdom and creativity. A listening tension follows through each track. Sounds like bottles of nitroglycerin, tucked in straw and housed in crates on the wagon. Death By Misadventure seems to be on the verge of detonation from start to finish. Fortuneatley Mrs Dink keeps steady hands and sharp wit, a lengthy run through tumultuous terrain and still alive. Miss adventure does not bring death, only elevated sound arrays for an evolving genre of music.

Released on Crash Symbols in an edition of one hundred at the very end of 2019. Each edition shipped with a corresponding button while supplies are available. These will be sold out soon so do not delay if a physical copy is of interest.

Crash Symbols site - bandcamp - facebook
Meagan Johnson - bandcamp - facebook


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