Channelers - The Depth of Rest

Channelers finding pace again with the timelessness of nature. Countless sunrises, rain storms and interactions within evolving ecosystems, these sounds are burned into their surroundings. This music exist without the constructs of man, these sounds are etched in the stone and earth they heed from. Currents of water forming grooves in the earth, Channelers mirroring this infinite erosion in the consciousness. Ancient rhythms of cyclic paths, part of the DNA we all carry with us.

The Depth of Rest comes a little more than a year after Channelers previous cassette Entrance to the Next. The direction has changed from last time. Instead of a gateway stepping through to conscious limits, these four tracks focus on the world around us. Field recordings inside the forest canopy, churned with keyboards, Irish low whistle, and hammer dulcimer. A confluence of spiritual cairns on the path to musical tranquility. Channelers in cadence with acoustic flow and radiant variance, a sonic picture of a single beautiful day.

Released on Inner Islands in the last months of 2019. A very limited edition of only sixty seven. This is the most recent release from Inner Islands and copies are still available. The Depth of Rest is another polished sonic stone in an always beautiful and growing catalog. Looking forward to what this year will bring.   

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