Somnoroase Păsărele & WOMBA - CLAR / Festering Maps of Pilvialueella

Two artists splitting sides on an Anti-Everything release. Somnoroase Păsărele turning the sonic kaleidoscope, an electronic multi dimensional bask in sublime energy. Aural radiation emulsifying the listening space, a slow burning imprint of a landscape still unknown. Romanian artist Gili Mocanu teeters on the impossible, both emitting an array of complex creativity and absorbing all thoughts from those who listen through. This composition titled CLAR flows with heavy undercurrents, while the sonic surface swirls in eddies and rippling turbulence. Like the delta at the river mouth, the six pieces within CLAR carry the same melodic attributes welling from the source.

WOMBA discharges ordered cacophonous resonance on the second side. Another twenty minute drive through whispering voices and warbled field recordings. Russian based Tikhon S. Kubov unveils his distinct ability to transfer inner conscious thought patterns to an audible parade. Ornate floats passing by with marching bands spread apart just far enough, this sonic procession changes continuously before our ears but never strays beyond it's calculated confines. Titled Festering Maps of Pilvialueella, WOMBA gives and holds secrets with measured artfulness. 

An Anti-Everything split cassette release in late 2019. Very limited run of only twenty five. Most of the editions from this Richmond, Virginia label are in the same small runs, with many releases sold out. What is the sign at entrance to the Richmond airport, "Virginia is for Music Lovers"?

Anti-Everything - bandcamp - twitter
Somnoroase Păsărele - facebook
WOMBA - bandcamp


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