cop funeral - Hot Lonely Singles

Hot Lonely Singles shows Cop Funeral's ability to build beautiful ambient pieces then tear them down with sonic disruption. Or in the order of this release, the reverse is a better chronology. This collection of both unpublished and a few new tracks, is a wonderful look at the intense diversity this project can traverse.

Drenched in the sonic wall. The consciousness transfixed by an audible barrage of both rhythmic and droning locust swarms. Hot Lonely Singles burns at napalm intensity, lengthy tracks giving zero relief for stalwart durations. The opening selection "Shit Relocator" from the B side of Pain, is a mountain of crushing weight. Rhythms begin to build with tormented vocals accompanying, another foray into something rather wicked. With subtle ease "Beyond Gone" is thrown in, only an exorcism will get this out of your head. There are few safe spots on the first side of this collection of tracks. So much amorphous industrial mayhem, so thick and swampy, rhythms can barely escape. But Cop Funeral is multifaceted and by the fifth track in, "How Was" begins to show the love of melody. Harmony and cadence begin to find their way with the last few tracks on side one. Like "Fuck Dreams", almost sounding like a Throbbing Gristle cut. Just enough beat to tangle music lovers. The second side's collected works begins like the first. A tormentuous beat laden assembly line of noise, after which Hot Lonely Singles gets to the ambient mellow. Beautiful dream like subtle cacophony taking listeners all the way to the destructive "Pop Song (2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED B-side)". Quickly followed by a demo titled "Noise Intro" and finally tapering off with the tropical saturation of melodic sinking island rhythms.

Released for Valentine's Day, a romantic mood setting staple. If you weren't playing this composition for your sweetie then, any future time will always be good. An Already dead Records & Tapes in an edition of one hundred, copies currently available.


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