DC_33.33 - Vela Abridge

There is an absolute certainty the sounds of DC_33.33 are completely unique and escape all comparison. Vela Abridge is pure digital havoc. Anti rhythms of sound ricocheting in a euphoria devoid of all patterns. Clicks, bleeps, scratches, beeps, all escaping a tear in what most understand as the sonic continuum. Microcosmic static amplified beyond its infinitesimal existence, now heard in it's massive disarray. The only word to feebly attempt to describe these musings is chaos, but this is only because understanding is still elusive.

DC_33.33 is the project of Chicago based Dave Gabriel. Vela Abridge is a twelve track compilation clocking in just over thirty minutes. Song titles creatively connect, tiny hooks for these energetic recondite sounds, "Debassed Zipper", "Choose Your Own Adventure and Get Maimed on p.12" and "Eat at Squarp's" are just a few. The compilation name is interesting as well, Vela Abridge. Vela, the plural of velum, a membrane, veil or thin cloud, and in this sonic deluge separating harmony from cacophony. Abridged, since the world of DC_33.33 could easily overwhelm neophytes in their listening path to absorb, enjoy and understand. Dave Gabriel has created a landscape of sound filled with characteristics so vast, like the surface of the moon and it's features formed over billions of years.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in the last week of February. This is the second time Dave Gabriel has been part of Already Dead Tapes, the first was with the project Imelda Marcos.
The intense artwork is from Earwig H. Airplug

Cassette Gods has a nice write up of Imelda Marcos' "Talto" on their site as well as the current "Vela Abridge". Play loud and reset your conscious.

Dave Gabriel - bandcamp


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